Vicki Weitz

Vicki’s practice does not involve looking for anything new – she is searching for that which is hidden. Vicki is interested in the things that surround us but somehow manage to avoid being discussed or directly acknowledged either because of taboo, fear, familiarity or from turning a blind eye. The medium that she communicates through is performance and installation, and she manipulates, distorts and repeats everyday words, actions, stories and games in order to create an art-piece. Each piece begins with an inspiration such as a painting, a poem, a chance remark or an encounter. Vicki enjoys performing so much that she often encourages the audience to join in too.

This year Vicki has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from solo performance, including site-specific performance/installation, to group performance work with Father Hen Theatre and The Mercury Theatre Company. Vicki also works as an artist with Footprints Theatre Company to create site-specific work with schools and local communities and she runs drama, art and movement workshops for children aged from 2 – 11 with The Mercury Theatre in Colchester. In addition to this, Vicki has just been appointed as the new Clown Doctor for Suffolk Artlink, working with children in hospital.