remembering the changing landscape…

So, in the knowledge that Standstill is done for now, I shall be taking it down over the next couple of weeks.

While people were doing standstill, when they were in the hut, I was down on the beach bound up in my continuous beach combing, looking looking…I experienced seeing the whole landscape change over several hours, the sea retreating far in to the distance revealing mud flats and water gullies shining silver in the afternoon light – or the tide drawing up close, relentlessly reclaiming the mud, the sand, the beaches, lapping hungrily at the sea steps wall. And somehow in my search for particular things I always found what I needed or thought I needed; These were my ‘moments’, my connection with it all.

So now a line is drawn in the sand. The marking of a moment, a finishing point.

Thank you everyone who took part. Thank you everyone who helped to make possible.

Photo Credit: Abi Cunliffe