Juliet Aster

Juliet Aster’s arts practice over the last 30 years has taken her through a variety of disciplines. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Corsham and spent the next decade making and exhibiting paintings and drawings. She then went on to study Flamenco dance and set up Nuevo Flamenco Dance Company in 1997 and began touring with guitarist Steve Homes.

In 2003, Juliet received an artist’s bursary from Dance East and began to fuse Flamenco technique with her visual arts practice to create experimental pieces for the stage. The last 7 years have been devoted to exploring the emotive, dark and bizarre realms of Jung’s theories of the ‘Shadow’ and the big existential questions of life resulting in Maverick Matador who only had a Pin, Divas Devas and the Betenoir Destinies Carrots series. This series concluded with The Regretrospective which ran for 3 weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as part of Escalator East to Edinburgh in August 2010.

Juliet has showcased work at The Place, London; Platform East; Pulse Festival, Ipswich; Colchester Arts Centre, Trestle Arts Base, St Albans and The Junction, Cambridge. The Betenoir Version 4 is represented on The Live Art Development Agency’s National Platform DVD, Joining The Dots. Juliet continues to explore dance, installation, sculpture, stop motion animation and film bringing together her interests in motion, emotion, theatre, lighting and the unlimited yet paradoxical nature of ourselves and the universe.