Film Still

DeDom’s “Reminiscences” films now online!

Richard DeDomenici has created three short films as part of his cryptic triptych of works Reminiscences of a Backward Future.

Bomb Predisposal Unit presents some of the documentation from Richard’s custom-made hyper-vigilante robot, which takes to the streets to ask people [politely] “Excuse me, what’s in your bag?” whereas BASP introduces Richard’s recent scientific experimentation in genetically combining the best qualities of a bee and wasp to create a new sub-species to be released over the Olympic Park. Finally, in a bid to stimulate support for a new train station in the Essex Thames Gateway, Richard’s film How To Disembark A Speeding Train showcases a not-so-successful alternative transport-exit-strategy.

All three films can now be viewed on the Reminiscences of a Backward Future page.