Christopher Dobrowolski

Chris’s dad was a Polish carpenter who didn’t really want him to go to art college. Chris studied Fine Art in Hull and when he first got there he built a boat from driftwood to try to escape. The boat failed but Chris ended up making a whole series of vehicles in a similar vein. The way he makes things has a deliberate “knocked up in the garden shed” aesthetic and each vehicle and escape attempt has its own story attached. Over the years Chris has retold and refined these stories in his role as a visiting lecturer in art colleges in England and abroad from Mushashino Art University, Tokyo to the Ruskin College of Art, Oxford, Braintree College, Essex and the East Coast College of Art, Grimsby. Eventually, Chris began to present his art college lecture to paying audiences and was invited to be part the Edinburgh Fringe 2006.

Chris was recently invited to the Antarctic to undertake a residency for the British Antarctic Survey where he made a 12 foot long Nansen sledge from gold picture frames and, subsequently, a performance lecture called Antarctica. In 2010 he returned to the Edinburgh Fringe to collaborate on a project, Poland 3 Iran 2, with Mehrdad Seyf from 30 Bird Productions. This was the first performance in which Chris talks about something he hasn’t physically made.

Chris has recently been awarded a grant through Escalator Live Art to develop a new performance and installation called All Roads Lead to Rome.