British Social Athlete

British Social Athlete

British Social Athlete


14 July



Crossways Park, Garden Road, Jaywick, CO15 2RS

21 July

East London locations, to be announced on the day via @Team_BSA



A British Social Athlete is the undiscovered, physically unprepared everyday person in the street. Artist Mel Donohoe is a British Social Athlete. ArtistĀ Mel Donohoe is Team BSA.

British Social Athlete will journey, like an Oracle, from Jaywick, Essex to East London, home of the London 2012 Games. She has mapped out a journey, as the crow flies, across the varied terrain of the East of England to deliver a message from Jaywick to the heart of London 2012. Mel has been meeting residents and visitors in the coastal village of Jaywick and asking them to tell her what they would like to say. She has shortlisted a collection of over 300 messages to just three, with the help of the people she has met but now she can deliver only one messageā€¦

Team BSA will be at the Jaylympics in Jaywick from 11am on Saturday 14July 2012, where anyone who attends can vote for the message they would prefer to be sent to London. By 3pm the votes will be in, the winning message revealed and Team BSA will be off! Over seven days Mel Donohoe will go the distance from Jaywick to London by bicycle, making 11 pit stops along the way and leaving traces of a message in her wake. She will arrive at an as yet undisclosed location in East London on the afternoon of 21July, where she will deliver the message loud and clear. A film of the journey can now be viewed here.

Interested parties can find out the surprise East London location and join the welcoming committee by following @Team_BSA on Twitter for live updates. The discussions and documentations gathered so far, as well as photos and updates are also available on the Team BSA Facebook page.

Which message will be chosen? What will it look, sound and feel like when it is delivered? How will it be received?

British Social Athlete

Do you want to be part of the message? Come and have YOUR say.


British Social Athlete is supported by Escalator Live Art and Jaywick Martello Tower